About the magazine

The online magazine Theatrica brings interdisciplinary scientific studies, expert articles, author’s opinions, interpretive analyzes and reviews in the field of opera and musical theater, theater studies, theatrology and scenography of the world repertoire and repertoire played in Slovakia from the 17th century to the present.

One of the lines presents the results of research in the field of so-called early music and musical theater in Slovakia and abroad and from the period before 1920.

Its basic value criterion is quality and free critical thinking.

The journal provides space for theorists as well as performers to publish professional studies, analyzes and professional reflections on works of art, because we believe in the validity of Jean Mignot’s words: „Ars sine scientia nihil est“ („Art without theory is nothing.“).

The periodicity of the magazine is irregular, contributions are added to the magazine on an ongoing basis.

The project is not funded from public funds or subsidies, and the Theatrica magazine is still working without any support from art funds or cultural grants.

Published by: Theatrica civic association.

Date of cr

Published by: civic association Theatrica. Date of creation of the journal (date of ISSN assignment): 7. 7. 2021

(date of ISSN assignment): 7. 7. 2021