Guidelines for authors

Send contributions by e-mail to

Authors can submit professional studies, essays, analyzes, reviews or their own artwork. The suitability of the texts for the Theatrica magazine will be assessed by the Editorial Board, which reserves the right to approve the possible publication of the paper. Professional studies, which should be representative texts on the main topics of basic research in theatrology, musicology, art history, or other related fields, will be the subject of a subsequent review by two independent reviewers. This procedure will be mutually anonymous. Copyrights with authors and reviewers will be governed by license agreements. Authors can send texts in Slovak, English, German, Italian or Czech. An obligatory part of professional studies is the title, abstract, summary and keywords in Slovak and English. The editors will inform the authors about the final decision to publish or not to publish the submitted papers within 2-6 weeks of the delivery of the paper to the editors.

The submitted contribution must include a contact form with the following information:

Author’s profile:
Name, place of work, ORCID and a brief CV of about 7 lines.

Abstract (only for professional studies and analyzes):
An abstract in Slovak and English must be attached to professional studies (both approx. 1000 characters).

Keywords (for all contributions) in Slovak and English (at least 5).

Additional attachments

Text of the article:
Papers are not limited in scope. Please send them in .doc, .docx format. Please do not insert pictorial material (photographs, graphs, tables) into the text. In the text it is necessary to mark the places where the pictorial material is to be included (e.g. by reference graph 1, figure 1, table 1 …). You can highlight important terms in the text in bold or italics. To distinguish between headlines and titles, simply use bold or a different font size so that the subtitle hierarchy is clear.

Visual and musical appendix:
Send pictures or photos in .jpg, .png or .tif format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. For each image material, it is necessary to state its name (identical with the designation in the text of the article). In case of photographs, pictures and music examples quote their author or source  and information about the copyright settlement (personal and license rights) as well as their consent to their publication. It is recommended to provide a brief description as well.

Summary (for all contributions):
At the end of the article it is necessary to include a short summary in English (approx. 1000 characters), a list of used literature (according to the attached model) and data related to the publication of the work, e.g. information on grant support, research funding, etc. 

Bibliographic references and citations should be given in accordance with ISO 690-2.

Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned.

The authors note that all published contributions based on contract No. 2022/29 between o.z. Theatrica and the University Library in Bratislava will be processed in the library’s databases (searching, making copies, long-term archiving). This fact is covered by the license agreement.