Guidelines for reviewers

Submission of the manuscript to the reviewing procedure and assessment of the section

An authorized editor will confirm to the author the receipt of the manuscript submitted for publication. The manuscript will further be submitted for initial review to the journal’s editors (editor-in-chief and editors), who will assess whether the manuscript is suitable in terms of the journal’s profile and whether it meets the requirements for publication in this journal. In the event that the members of the Editorial Board find out that the requirements of the text have not been complied with, the editors reserve the right to reject the manuscript and not to proceed with further reviewing proceedings. The author will be notified of the result of the initial assessment, i.e., whether his/her manuscript can / cannot be entered into the reviewing procedure. If the manuscript is rejected, the author will receive a brief explanation.

Reviewers selection rules

Papers that have been evaluated as studies suitable for publication after the initial review by the journal’s editorial team (editors and editor-in-chief) will be submitted anonymously to two independent reviewers.

Rules for reviewers

The addressed reviewer will confirm to the editors the receipt of the manuscript for the reviewing procedure. By accepting the manuscript for reviewing, the reviewer undertakes to meet the deadline and keep the anonymity of the reviewing process. His/her report should be sent, exclusively, to the editors and the reviewer may not mention the result, in writing or orally, to any third parties. If the reviewer is convinced that it is not possible for him to maintain the anonymity of the reviewing process (e.g. he/she finds out the identity of the author), is in conflict of interest (personal or professional) or does not feel professionally competent to assess the manuscript, he/she will notify the editors and decline the review.

Reviewers should apply the following principles

  • they will agree to review the paper only if they are convinced that they have an expertise in the field and are able to prepare an opinion in time,
  • respect the confidentiality of the reviewing process and refrain from disseminating the information about it (except for the necessary communication with the editors),
  • not misuse the information from the reviewing procedure for their own benefit (or for the benefit of their organization) or to the detriment of other persons,
  • state in advance any possible conflicts of interest or biases concerning the author or the topic of the paper,
  • prepare an objective and constructive opinion,
  • avoid personal attacks and contempt towards the author,
  • prepare an opinion in time (i.e. within two weeks of the receipt of the contribution).

Reviewers who have accepted the manuscript for assessment will follow a standardized form, while evaluating

  • whether the aim of the study / or  material, essay / discussion / review is clearly defined,
  • its originality,
  • the structure and language level of the contribution,
  • the methods used,
  • correct citation of literature,
  • possibly the quality of graphic attachments.